Dan is one of the most talented leaders I have had the pleasure to work with in my thirty years in business.”

He has a rare combination of strategic acumen, strong leadership skills, and the highest personal integrity. Dan is at his best when times are most challenging. He is a leader who attracts and develops top talent, is an exceptional teammate and team builder, a great listener, open minded and exceptional communicator.

Hank Monaco, Vice President Marketing, Johnson Controls

Dan has been key in supporting me through my professional career challenges.”

Dan’s extensive corporate global leadership experience gives him a unique edge to his Executive Coaching. He is a great listener, an empathetic professional, and is always focused on helping his clients achieve results. Dan has been key in supporting me through my professional career challenges.

Grace Chung DiPaolo, former Global Marketing VP, Johnson & Johnson Medical

Working with Dan Schroeder has been a breath of fresh air.”

Dan’s coaching both for my business and myself as a leader always leaves me feeling focused, confident and ready to take on today’s business challenges with a positive mind set and a well-constructed plan of attack. As the founder of a boutique M&A firm, it became immediately obvious to me that Dan has surmounted many of the same professional challenges that I face, only on a much larger scale. Dan’s coaching has absolutely helped me see the more detailed nuances of my business that I was previously overlooking. He has guided me through the process of developing a formal strategic plan which has become instrumental in achieving future growth for my business by identifying key strategic priorities, relevant goals and critical initiatives. If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, all while becoming a more confident & savvy business leader, I would highly recommend Dan Schroeder and Spire Leadership.

Logan Abner, Founder & CEO WeBrokr, LLC

Dan Schroeder has been instrumental in helping me understand and embrace the opportunities that exist within the business challenges I face in my leadership role.”

His experiences and insights from a career that has spanned both large and small organizations can help anyone learn how to effectively communicate, influence and sustain changes within their business. He has helped me challenge limiting assumptions, reframe beliefs, nurture strategic relationships, and create both short and long-term goals with a defined plan to achieve them. I highly recommend Dan to anyone looking to improve their leadership impact and effectiveness.

Steven Kase, Vice President Human Resources, Vertiv

Dan is at the top of my list of true leaders.”

I have worked with Dan for over 12 years in two different leadership roles and greatly respect his leadership, strategic thinking, business acumen and most importantly his ability to communicate at all levels with genuine honesty. These skills coupled with his great people skills, sales & operational expertise make him a leader people will follow both in good times and in challenging business scenario’s. I get a chance to work with many global C level leaders in my work and Dan is at the top of my list of true leaders. These attributes make Dan a coach/advisor you will want to work with. I would highly recommend taking the opportunity to engage with Dan and Spire Leadership if you are interested in taking your business and leadership to the next level.

Paul Boucherle- Principal, Matterhorn Consulting LLC

To put it simply, Dan is an incredible coach & mentor.”

He not only provides me with a better understanding of what sales excellence looks like but has also helped change my mindset to look at the sales process more strategically. Dan is always very upbeat and provides great energy in our meetings. I look forward to each session I have with Dan as I always leave feeling more focused, energized and ready to take on the challenges that lie ahead. He is very knowledgeable, and I always come away from each meeting having learned something new. In this crazy year of 2020, flexibility is key. Dan is always available and very flexible with our schedule if something comes up.

I don’t just look at Dan as a sales coach but as an overall mentor in my professional life.  Dan has accomplished so much in his career and held positions that I strive to get too. He has been extremely supportive of my career path and I look to him for guidance on how to achieve my end goals. I am very thankful that I have the opportunity to work with Dan.

Nick Behler, Regional Sales Director, Hamilton Security

I have known Dan in a professional setting as a business leader for about 10 years. He always impressed me with his leadership presence, vision and business acumen.”

What I find extremely valuable is his ability to connect with people in a way very few leaders do. He inspires those around him, actively listens and is able to coach and guide people to their full potential. He helps them key in on their talents and achieve personal success. Over the years, I have observed people at all levels of an organization (from staff to president) seek Dan’s input and advice on professional matters. What differentiates Dan and sets him apart is that he genuinely cares. This is evidenced in the open, honest dialogue and the time he personally invests to help others with no personal gain, other than feeling he made a difference in someone’s life or life choices. I frequently seek Dan’s coaching to help me work through my professional challenges. I have always found my conversations with Dan to be extremely valuable. His coaching enables me to think through the important aspects of a particular issue and walk away with a clear, well thought out set of options as a result of our discussions. He has a unique ability to provide significant insights based on his extensive experiences. Aside from recognizing his professional acuity, I trust Dan and his guidance. I would eagerly recommend Dan as a coach and trusted advisor to anyone looking to make a greater professional impact personally or for their business.

Ernesina Scala, Chief Financial Officer, Honeywell Gas Analysis & Safety Division

Dan is an exceptional leader and his industry knowledge within the commercial marketplace is second to none.”

During our time together at ADT, his dedication to developing a knowledgeable, high impact, results producing team was an example to all sales and sales operations leadership on how to do it right. I would highly recommend Dan as a Subject Matter Expert on Growth, a leader who can make things happen, on time, in budget and look at ease while doing it.

C. Angelique Steccato, Vice President, Business Development, Client Services & Marketing, United States Drug Testing Laboratories, Inc.

Dan has been an outstanding business partner as we both worked for leading companies in the Security Industry.”

He has excellent leadership skills and is able to drive new solutions through his organization to his customers. Dan has a unique ability to understand the value that new, enabling technology can bring to clients but most importantly he gets his organization to execute far better than his competitors!

Scott Schafer, Past Chairman of the Security Industry Association (SIA) Board of Directors

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