Leadership Coaching

Utilizing Spire Leadership’s real-world experience and proven coaching methodology, you’ll sharpen the skills to build your team, your business, and your path forward as you transform from aspiring to inspiring.

If you’re a leader in your company, congratulations on the successes you’ve already achieved. But what if you tapped into your full potential?

Perhaps you’re responsible for a talented team of individuals. What if you tapped into their full potential?

With coaching designed to enhance specific aspects of leadership styles, could you improve overall effectiveness—with significant, impactful results for you and your team?

If you, like many leaders, would benefit from working with someone proficient in disciplines of executive coaching—and someone who has actually walked in similar shoes and overcome many of the challenges you face as a leader every day—meet Dan Schroeder and Spire Leadership.

Whether you’re sitting in a board room overseeing executive level decisions, managing a team of people looking for guidance, or wearing multiple hats running your own business, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the never-ending demands of leadership—especially now.

As leaders, we’re bombarded by the needs of others, often wishing we could clone ourselves just to keep up. We’re focused on completing key strategic initiatives, supporting our teams, meeting demands from the board, satisfying customers, and managing suppliers. When was the last time you stopped and thought about yourself?

That is why international executive and award-winning leader Dan Schroeder founded Spire Leadership and developed his personalized and authentic process for effective leadership coaching.

Because this is more than business. This is your path forward and your opportunity to build and sharpen the skills that can transform your teams, your business—and your life.

Let Spire focus on you.

Here’s what you can expect:

The Spire Leadership Coaching process utilizes Dan’s proprietary and proven five layers of success—the Five As—to customize a developmental experience for you, based on your roles, experiences, and goals.

  • Assess: A formal assessment to build self-awareness, it helps you to identify and make full use of your strengths and is designed to guide the coaching path forward
  • Alignment: A deep dive together to determine and name your specific goals and desired outcomes
  • Action: Customized strategic coaching sessions and specific action items
  • Analyze: A review of feedback and new data to measure shifts and changes
  • Achievement: Accelerated performance with sustained improvement across your goals


Dan has helped me challenge limiting assumptions, reframe beliefs, nurture strategic relationships, and create both short and long-term goals with a defined plan to achieve them. I highly recommend Dan to anyone looking to improve their leadership impact and effectiveness.”


Dan’s extensive corporate global leadership experience gives him a unique edge to his Executive Coaching. He is a great listener, an empathetic professional, and is always focused on helping his clients achieve results. Dan has been key in supporting me through my professional career challenges.”


Ready to accelerate your leadership potential?

Contact us or call/text Dan at 440-724-4892 to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation coaching session.

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