I have known Dan in a professional setting as a business leader for about 10 years. He always impressed me with his leadership presence, vision and business acumen.”

What I find extremely valuable is his ability to connect with people in a way very few leaders do. He inspires those around him, actively listens and is able to coach and guide people to their full potential. He helps them key in on their talents and achieve personal success. Over the years, I have observed people at all levels of an organization (from staff to president) seek Dan’s input and advice on professional matters. What differentiates Dan and sets him apart is that he genuinely cares. This is evidenced in the open, honest dialogue and the time he personally invests to help others with no personal gain, other than feeling he made a difference in someone’s life or life choices. I frequently seek Dan’s coaching to help me work through my professional challenges. I have always found my conversations with Dan to be extremely valuable. His coaching enables me to think through the important aspects of a particular issue and walk away with a clear, well thought out set of options as a result of our discussions. He has a unique ability to provide significant insights based on his extensive experiences. Aside from recognizing his professional acuity, I trust Dan and his guidance. I would eagerly recommend Dan as a coach and trusted advisor to anyone looking to make a greater professional impact personally or for their business.